Jesse Jackson leads mass march of protesters in Flint

FLINT, Mich. – The Rev. Jesse Jackson was in Flint on Friday leading a large rally as protesters demanded a fix to the Flint water crisis.

Jackson had been in Flint on Jan. 17, promising a major protest.

Hundreds walked the streets to protest the water crisis and lack of action by the state in the neighborhoods.

Jackson said the state needs to move from bottled water to repaired pipes to restoration.

The mile-long march across the city and over the Flint River started at the Metropolitan Baptist Tabernacle. The event was put on by the Concerned Pastors for Social Action and the Rainbow Push Coalition

“I’m here to support this wonderful city that I truly love,” resident Vera Harris said. “I’m also out here to say thank you to the many people all over the world who have been doing so many great many things for us, to have given us bottled water from everywhere and the prayers.”

Many at the protest held signs calling for Gov. Rick Snyder to resign.

“I’m trying to stand up and take responsibility like our value system says we should,” Snyder said. “Secondly, say if you were part of that aren’t you the person with the most passion and go get it done. That’s my track record and I want to get this done.”

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