Woman accused of falsifying bomb threat at Fordson High School in wake of Paris attacks


DEARBORN, Mich. – A woman was arrested and arraigned Thursday on a felony charge of making a false report or threat of a bomb after she told police that her friend had overheard people discussing an attack at Fordson High School.

Saida Chatti told Dearborn police on Nov. 19 that an “anonymous” friend had overheard a group of individuals at Twelve Oaks Mall threatening to bomb Fordson High School in retaliation for the terrorist attacks in Paris.

An investigation was launched and significant law enforcement resources were expended, according to authorities.

The investigation determined that Chatti fabricated the report. She gave conflicting statements regarding her motive for falsifying the incident, authoritites said.

“The Dearborn Police Department is committed to bringing criminals to justice and ensuring that our citizens and visitors feel safe in our community,” Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad said. “We will not tolerate and deliberate acts, meant to terrorize or frighten our community, and we will vigorously investigate those crimes to ensure the people responsible are brought to justice.”

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office authorized the charge and Chatti was arrested and arraigned in 19th District Court. A bond was set and a probable cause conference was scheduled for Feb. 24.