Detroit police believe serial arsonist is behind string of house fires on city's northwest side

6 houses burn in span of 2 hours in northwest Detroit

DETROIT – At about 7:30 a.m. Monday on Rutherford Street in Detroit, an abandoned house was burning. 

Neighbors were worried about the elderly woman who lives next door to the house. 

"My initial thought was to get my next-door neighbor, to get her out of the house. So I actually ran over there and got her out," said Tammy Romero, who lives across the street from the fire. 

The fire was eerily similar to one reported at 14103 Forrer Street, and another reported at Forrer and Kendall streets, another one at 14257 Prevost Street, one at 14259 Winthrop Street, and, finally, another at 14397 Forrer Street. 

That's a total of six fires all in the same northwest Detroit neighborhood, and all within the span of about 2 hours. 

"We believe it's a serial arsonist, so again we are asking for the public's help. The only information we got is a witness did see a gray-type vehicle, possibly a Chevy Ventura or a gray Chevy pickup," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. 

Police are offering a reward of $5,000 to anyone with information which leads to an arrest.  

As for the neighbors back on Rutherford Street, Romero's elderly neighbor and her home are just fine. In fact, in all of these cases there were no reports of injuries. However, neighbors still worry about what might have been. 

"If they hadn't been in the area, who knows how bad this could have been? It could have been much worse, so I thank God," said Romero.