New program in metro Detroit to assist with paying water bills


DETROIT – A new regional water authority is place, and now there is a new program aimed to assist those who may have trouble paying their water bills. The program would not just be for Detroit residents, but the seven surrounding counties that are under the same water system.

Local 4 Business Editor, Rod Meloni says an estimated half of all Detroit water customers didn't pay their water bills. Now, after the city's bankruptcy,a regional water authority was reserved half of percent of revenue to help customers.

The new program is called, The Water Residential Assistance Program also known as WRAP. WRAP works by setting aside $4.5M, with each household getting at most $1,000. The assistance breaks down to $25 a month for water, and $700 in help for past due bills.

Eligible residents will have to meet certain income thresholds, and differ if the single or married. There are eight different levels of qualifying going as high as $61,335 for a household of eight.

To learn more about WRAP and to sign up, visit the Community Action Alliance site. Click here