Dog thrown from moving car in Mt. Clemens

MT. CLEMENS, Mich. – A dog is recovering after being thrown from a moving vehicle Monday afternoon in Mt. Clemens.

Vanessa Jackson witnessed the incident as she was driving just after 4 p.m. She stopped to help the dog.

“He lifted his head up after about 15 minutes of laying there so that was a good sign,” Jackson said.

The purebred Shitzu suffered a concussion and broken pelvic bone. He is unneutered and was wearing a red studded color.

“We do have some information, people calling saying that they did see someone throw this dog out of a window,” said Chief Jeff Randazzo of Macomb Animal Control. “The problem is we need some concrete evidence to lead us to this owner.

Police are looking for a dark-colored four-doored older model vehicle. Animal abuse of this kind is a felony and the abuser could face up to four years in prison.

“There’s always this correlation between animal abusers and eventually they move on to people,” Randazzo said.

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