Kalamazoo shootings suspect sues Uber for $10 million

Jason Dalton says his life is 'ruined because of Uber '


DETROIT – The man accused of going on a shooting rampage in the Kalamazoo area, killing six people, while simultaneously working as an Uber driver now is suing Uber for "violation of civil rights."

Jason Dalton seeks $10 million in "punitive damages" from Uber Technologies, Inc. He filed a handwritten lawsuit March 11 from the Kalamazoo County Jail. The suit is filed in the U.S. District Court in Detroit. 

Dalton, 45, is charged with murder and attempted murder for the Feb. 20 attacks. Police say he fatally shot four people outside a restaurant and a father and son at a car dealership in between driving people for Uber. Two people survived the shootings.

In his handwritten lawsuit (view here), he writes:

"I am suing Uber Technologies for $10,000,000.00 million dollars in punitive damages. I worked years as a Uber contractor and they ripped me off. Never paid me back wages or overtime. I busted my butt for them. They gave me no Christmas bonus, I wasn’t invited to any corporate parties, they made me work when I was sick and didn’t let me spend time with my 2 children. Uber treats their drivers like crap. I had to pay my own gas and I hit lots of potholes and Uber would not fix my Chevy Equinox and Uber would call my phone late at night and make me work or say I was fired. This company is a hostile workplace environment I am tired of being treated by a 2nd class citizen by Uber. Uber discriminates against my mental health."

According to police documents, Dalton told arresting officers his phone, specifically the Uber driver app, was controlling him at the time of the shootings.

According to the arresting officer's report, Dalton said when he logged onto the Uber app it "started making him be like a puppet." He told police he would have tried to have a "shootout with police, when the log in went from the black symbol back to the red, that's when Dalton stopped his thought."

"Dalton explained to us that when the app changed from red to black that is when he started having problems."

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In his lawsuit, Dalton also blames Uber for his divorce. 

He writes: 

"Uber doesn’t care about its drivers, we are peasants and pawn pieces to Ubers bottom line. Defendants manipulate all Uber drivers. My life is ruined because of Uber. My wife is divorcing me because of Uber. I seek $10 million dollars in punitive damages and emotional distress. I have psychological damage because of Uber. I pray this court will grant my 42 USC 1983 for relief. I seek a jury trial."

Dalton is being held without bond. 

Here's the lawsuit: 

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