Clarification of March 11, 2016 story 'Detroit Chop Shop Busted'

On March 11, 2016,  Local 4 reported on a Detroit Police Department raid of a West Chicago business operating under the name “Big Z’s."  

Under the title, “Detroit Chop Shop Busted," the report appeared on television and was posted on ClickonDetroit.com.  While running the story title at the bottom of the screen, we showed two signs posted next to each other. The first bearing the name Fritz Enterprises, Inc., and the second indicating that no stolen property was accepted. The story suggested that the second sign was a bit of false advertising. We have since learned that both signs belonged to Fritz Enterprises, a neighboring business, and were posted on its property.  In combination with the signs, the story could lead an observer to conclude that Fritz Enterprises was somehow involved.

Neither Fritz Enterprises nor its owners were in any way involved with the chop shop operation and we mistakenly included both signs in our story.