Broken light pole hanging by wire near gas station in Dearborn

DEARBORN, Mich. – Residents watched in amazement as a broken light pole dangled and was left unattended despite multiple calls to authorities in Dearborn.

High winds Thursday afternoon cracked the pole at the base located at the corner of Greenfield Road and Warren Avenue. The pole started to fall, but was held up by one wire.

The busted pole is hovering over the Marathon sign at the corner gas station and in the direct path of a kerosene pump.

The gas station manager said he’s call 911 at least three times.

Fire crews from Detroit and Dearborn have checked it out, but done nothing. Dearborn’s Fire Chief said there’s nothing they can do unless the pole is on the ground.

DTE owns the pole. They were busy with downed lines and outages across metro Detroit.

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