Burned dog remains found in southwest Detroit

Police, rescue group investigate similar cases in same area

DETROIT – Detroit police found the burned body of a large dog Thursday in an alley in southwest Detroit. 

The dog and a dumpster in the alley were set on fire. Police blocked the alley until a rescue group arrived. 

"It's astonishing. Who would burn a dog? It doesn't make sense whatsoever," said Terry Sumpter, of Detroit Pit Crew Rescue. 

Sumpter said a necrospy, which is an animal autopsy, will be performed on the dog's body. Moreover, evidence will be gathered. 

Detroit Pit Crew Rescue recently found another burned dog in the same area of Lawndale and Vernor. That means someone is burning dogs and dumping the bodies in Southwest Detroit. 

Police and the rescue group are intent on finding and prosecuting that person. 

"They might not be fighting them. They may just be torturing them," said Sumpter. 

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