Man slashed with box cutter during robbery at Detroit gas station

Attacker takes $700

DETROIT – Cameras captured the moments before a brutal beating at a gas station in Southwest Detroit. 

In the video, the man shown standing behind the victim noticed the 23-year-old man had a significant amount of money. 

"I just feel bad for the kid and I hope he's OK," said Ahmed Almaliki, who owns the gas station where the attack happened. "(The attacker) was staring at the cash like, you know, 'jackpot.'"

The robber walked out and waited for the victim. After paying for his gas and buying some lip balm, the man walked back to his van where he was ambushed. He was cut several times with a box cutter before being robbed. 

"It was terrible. I just hope the kid is OK," said Almaliki. 

During the attack, a getaway river was watching and waiting. After stealing about $700 from the victim, the men took off in a Ford F-150 pickup truck. The victim tried to follow his attackers, but was unsuccessful. 

He drove back to the gas station while bleeding from multiple injuries and called police. 

He was robbed just moments after finishing work. 

"The kid just got his check and didn't get a chance to deposit it at the bank," said Almaliki. 

Detroit police are working to identify and find both the attacker and getaway driver. They are shown on surveillance video. 

Anyone with information on this attack needs to call Detroit police. 

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