Family remembers passenger killed in I-94 crash

Police say passengers' fight may have caused crash

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – The chilly weather did not keep a large crowd from gathering at Veterans Memorial Park in Roseville Friday night to remember a loved one killed in a crash on I-94.

Samantha Mullins died Thursday in a crash on I-94 in Macomb County. She was the front passenger in a pickup truck when she started to fight with a friend in the back seat. The fight caused the driver, Ceara Abbott, to crash the truck.

Police said Abbott was driving drunk.

"They're kids that were doing the wrong thing, and it was all three, it wasn't just one," said Frank Zarjac, Mullins' father. "But but I'm the one who lost my daughter."

While the pain was visible from the hugs and tears at the vigil, Mullins' mother, Shelli Kurac, insisted everyone loses here.

"I’m sorry, Ceara, I’m sorry to her family," Kurac said. "I am. This isn't anybody's fault. It's nobody's fault."

Her parents were provided some comfort by the 19-month-old child Mullins left behind.

"It gives me a lot of comfort," Zarjac said. "She looks like her mama, papa. I just want to love her like I loved my daughter."

A GoFundMe was created to pay for Samantha's funeral and help her daughter Avah.