Local 4 viewer helps police find package thief

Thief stole pajamas grandmother sent to homeowner's kids

WYANDOTTE, Mich. – Wyandotte police say a Local 4 viewer helped crack the case of a package thief. 

Local 4 aired the story Sunday of a family who posted home surveillance video of a man who stole a package their grandmother sent. 

Someone who saw the story on Local 4 tipped off police to the thief, and he was arrested. 

The video shows the thief first walking by and spotting the package. He then flips up his hoodie and goes into thief mode for his daylight stealthy approach, sneaking up and stealing the package off the family's doorstep.

The package was sent by the family's grandmother. The thief got away with pajama bottoms for homeowner Dave Franey's childre.  

But the package isn't the point.

"I don’t like people who steal," Franey said. "It’s not a major, expensive thing that was stolen, but it’s a violation on our property."

Franey put the video on YouTube. His daughter posted it on her Facebook page.


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