Several district courts within Wayne County offer amnesty program


WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. – Several district courts within Wayne County will be holding an amnesty program for delinquent cases.

An amnesty program provides individuals with an opportunity to settle their old court financial obligations while saving money. The program also assists the court in clearing up a backlog of files without additional court resources and collection costs.

To take advantage, keep these factors in mind:

  • The program will start Monday and run through April 29.
  • Amnesty eligibility may vary by location. People interested in the program should contact the district court(s) in the jurisdiction where they received the ticket(s) to determine eligibility and find out how to participate in the program.
  • This is a one-time effort to clear a backlog of cases. Once free from the backlog, the court(s) will continue to move more aggressively to enforce and collect on unpaid tickets, including all penalties and late fees.
  • All payments must be cash, certified check, money order or credit card.

Only these district courts are offering an amnesty program:

  • 19th District Court (Dearborn) -- 313-943-2060
  • 20th District Court (Dearborn Heights) -- 313-277-7480
  • 22nd District Court (Inkster) -- 313-277-8200
  • 24th District Court (Allen Park) -- 313-928-0535
  • 25th District Court (Lincoln Park) -- 313-382-8503
  • 27th District Court (Wyandotte) -- 313-324-4475
  • 28th District Court (Southgate) -- 734-258-3068
  • 29th District Court (Wayne) -- 734-722-5220
  • 32A District Court (Harper Woods) -- 313-343-2590
  • Grosse Pointe Park Municipal Court -- 313-822-3535.