Flint files notice of plan to sue state of Michigan over water crisis

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver may be preparing to sue the state of Michigan, according to a notice of intention filed March 24 in the court of claims. 

The city is claiming the state and its Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) -- specifically four MDEQ employees -- misled the city when it switched its water source from Lake Huron (Detroit's water system) to the Flint River. 

"The City did so in reliance on information provided by various State employees, including but not limited to MDEQ employees Mike Prysby, Steve Busch, Adam Rosenthal and Pat Cook, that water produced by the City after the switch would be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations," the notice reads. 

The notice says Flint switched its water source to the Flint River from April 2014 through October 2015 because of "authorizations, directions, and advice" from the MDEQ. 

Weaver released a statement Friday explaining she had to meet a deadline to ensure the city can file a lawsuit if necessary. 

“As Mayor of Flint, I have every intention of continuing my efforts to work with Governor Rick Snyder and other state officials to seek resolution in all aspects of the Flint water crisis. I have no intention at this point of having the City of Flint sue the state. However, the City of Flint would have forfeited its right to file a lawsuit in the future if I had not filed an official 'Notice of Intention to File a Claim' by the March 25 deadline. As the elected leader of Flint, I needed to preserve the city's right to pursue a legal remedy if it is determined a lawsuit is necessary in the future. It is my expectation that we can continue working with the state to help Flint recover from this water crisis. I called Governor Snyder today to re-affirm our commitment to work together for the benefit of the families of Flint," said Weaver in a statement. 

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