Photo of 'awful' flight passenger goes viral

Dante Ramos/Boston Globe columnist
Dante Ramos/Boston Globe columnist

HOUSTON – Some say there is a specific etiquette when flying. Don't bring smelly food to eat. Don't be that guy who talks to much. Don't be the seat kicker.

Well a Boston Globe columnist found another one to add to the list: Don't throw your ponytail over the back of your seat.

Dante Ramos was recently on a flight from Houston to Boston when he snapped a photo that quickly spread across the Internet when he shared it on Twitter.

Ramos wrote a column in the Boston Globe about "The day I went viral." READ HERE.

"I always hoped to go viral on social media. Just not like this," he wrote. What would you have done in this situation? Take our poll below.


Ramos also wrote about the type of things that get attention on the Internet and why photos like his go viral.

"Sure, people around the world relate more to the exasperations of air travel than to the misery of adjunct college professors," he wrote. "But by going viral, I learned firsthand what gets attention on the Internet and what actually matters in the world are two different things."