Washtenaw County cracking down on drugged drivers

WASHTENAW COUNTY, Mich. – Sheriff’s deputies are out looking for drunk drivers on the highways, but there’s another impaired driver that law enforcement is focusing on in Washtenaw County.

Specially trained deputies are patrolling, keeping a close eye out for motorists that are driving high.

“There’s been an increase over the years in drugged driving,” Deputy Brian Webb said. “As the drug recognition experts, we educate our deputies here to know what to look for.”

Earlier this month, a driver was detained during a traffic stop for not having a license and moments later passed out. The man was overdosing on opiates.

The driver was given a dose of naloxone which stopped the overdose. He was walking and talking a few minutes later.

The sheriff’s office started administrating naloxone in August, they’ve saved 19 lives.

Webb pointed out just how bad things could have been if this man had overdosed while behind the wheel.

“They could have crashed into a family, killed themselves, and we’re about preventing crashes,” Webb said. “We’re about preventing people dying behind the wheel or killing a family.”