Riverside Park project delayed

DETROIT – Renovations to Riverside Park could be delayed due to contamination in the sediment in the Detroit River.

The city of Detroit traded a vacant parcel of land to the Moroun family for millions of dollars of improvements to Riverside Park.

Riverside Park is located west of the Ambassador Bridge. It was the site of a coal-to-gas conversion plant nearly a century ago.

MDEQ contractors took core samples and found the ground to be clean. The problem is the sediment in the water.

“It’s possible that it could potentially be delayed depending on what the remedial action is to clean up the park, but ultimately the park will be renovated,” said Josh Scheels of MDEQ.

The remedial action would most likely be dredging.

Ray Scott of the Building Department said the renovation plans are still moving forward.

“We have a lot we can get done while the remediation is ongoing so this is not going to stop our efforts,” Scott said.

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