Feds: Mail in Harper Woods carrier steals cash from letter, uses it to gamble

Joshua Amos told investigators he took $600-$800 since last November

DETROIT – A mail carrier has admitted to stealing hundreds of dollars in cash from letters along his route in Harper Woods, and using it for personal expenses and casino gambling, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court.

Joshua Amos told U.S. Postal Service investigators that he had taken between $600 and $800 since last November in cash and gift cards from mail that he handled on his route, the complaint said.

Investigators began surveillance on Amos in March, after his supervisor said there were a large number of complaints about mail theft and non delivery from his route. 

Investigators put $25 in marked cash inside a piece of mail, tagged it with an electronic device that would trigger when the piece of mail was opened, and put it on Amos' route, the complaint said.

“Shortly after Amos received the test mail piece from the undercover agent, the electronic device indicated the mail had been opened and the $25 had been removed," the complaint said.

Amos admitted to investigators that he opened the tagged piece of mail and took the cash, the complaint said.

Approximately 200 pieces of mail were also found in the trunk of Amos' personal car, the complaint said.