Former Rep. Todd Courser running for Lapeer County prosecutor


LAPEER COUNTY, Mich. – Former state Rep. Todd Courser who resigned from the Michigan House of Representatives in September is running for Lapeer County prosecutor.

Courser resigned his seat in the wake of a scandal involving an extramarital affair with former State Rep. Cindy Gamrat and an email designed to try to cover it up. The email alleged he paid for sex with a male prostitute.

Gamrat was expelled from the House after a vote in the fall and Courser resigned before waiting for another expulsion vote after his first one failed to reach the two-thirds majority needed to pass.

Courser ran for his seat again after he resigned in a special election called to fill his seat. He lost to Gary Howell.

Currently, Courser and Gamrat are charged with misconduct in office. Courser is also facing a perjury charge related to testimony he gave to the Michigan House of Representatives while under oath.

Courser released the following statement:

"Today, after much prayer and consideration, I took the step and filed the necessary paperwork to run for the position of Prosecuting Attorney for Lapeer County.  I feel it is important to make sure that this position, like any other authority position, is not used for personal benefit or political advantage.  Such a position should never be used to exact political retribution against one’s enemies nor give favor to one’s friends. I look forward to speaking with Lapeer County residents about my candidacy and welcome a vigorous debate on the issues surrounding this position. Thank you and God bless you and your families!"