Weapons expert teaches civilians who carry guns how to react in active shooter situations

Terrorist attacks, workplace violence and mass shootings in public places might have some people considering whether to carry a gun. And if you had a weapon, would you know how to react?

Weapons expert Aaron Cowan offers courses that teach civilians who legally carry a gun how to respond to a threat. It's one of the classes he offers at Sage Dynamics based in Georgia.

Cowan is an U.S. Army veteran and former federal officer with the Department of Defense. He teaches proper tactics to law enforcement, military personnel, and civilians legally carry guns. Courses are taught at Sage Dynamics, but Cowan also travels the country offering courses.

For more information on Sage Dynamics and the training it provides, click here

The FBI also has a video it encourages everyone to watch called "Run. Hide. Fight."  It's a video explaining how to survive an active shooter event.


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