Eminem's ex-wife Kim Mathers' drunken driving case documents unsealed

Mathers crashed last fall in Macomb Township near 23 Mile, Card roads

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Less than a week after Local 4 aired a story about Kim Mathers’ drunken driving case being sealed in a Shelby Township court, the file has been reopened.

The sealing frustrated many in the community who thought the ex-wife of Detroit rapper Eminem was getting special treatment.

View here: Document with portion of Kim Mathers' drunken driving case

The new documents reveal her attorney is attempting not only to get evidence thrown out, but also to have the entire case dismissed.

Last October, Mathers allegedly drove drunk and crashed, flipping the Cadillac Escalade she was driving upside down. According to police reports, she told first responders she crashed intentionally.

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In dashcam recordings of Macomb County Sheriff deputies, you can hear one  say, "You know who it is?  Kim Mathers.  She's hammered."

Watch dashcam video: Police respond to Kim Mathers crash

That same deputy asked Mathers, "How much did you have to drink today Kim?” She responded, “Like a fifth."

Police reports show she admitted to drinking a fifth of Malibu Rum.

However, her case was sealed after her attorney convinced a judge that her medical information should not be made public. That decision was later reversed, making the file open to review.

When asked if he was surprised the case became unsealed, Mathers’ attorney Mike Smith said, “Not necessarily surprised.”

Smith has filed motions to throw out evidence and dismiss the case. A part of it, he claims, has to do with Mathers' state of mind when she consented to blood tests.

Smith says, among other things, she wasn't in the right state of mind, the warrant wasn't written properly and the judge didn't have the proper authority.

“Everything has merit. I totally believe in the case, I totally believe in my argument. We'll see how it plays out,” said Smith.

The prosecution sees things differently. In a separate filing there are numerous reasons and arguments laid out saying consent was freely given and she was not incapacitated.

Judge Douglas Shepard will hear both arguments later in May.

The court file also says Mathers broke her wrist and toes in the crash. She also had a concussion and bruises.  The documents show she spent five days in the hospital.




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