Parents cheer as troublesome vacant house near Detroit school is torn down

Crews demolish house across from Bennett Elementary

DETROIT – Blighted homes and buildings are a concern throughout Detroit, but a southwest neighborhood has one less concern after demolition crews on Thursday took down an abandoned home that was right across the street from a school.

The eyesore of a home on Mullane Street has been empty for years, privately owned and untouchable until the city finally gained control of it. The home across from Bennett Elementary wasn’t high on the city’s demolition list until a body was found inside it two weeks ago.

"I never know what, or who, will come out at me (when I walk by the home). I’ve seen drug dealers, hookers. I don’t know if there are weapons in there. It just isn’t safe,” said Nayla Chapa.

Chapa and other parents cheered as the home came down. It’s the first of five homes that will be demolished in the next few weeks, making it a safer environment for students.

An old apartment building near the school is the next concern. Local 4 contacted the listing agent to get a comment about what the owner’s intentions with it are, but has not heard back yet.

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