Water main break ruins special day for kids in Highland Park

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. – Water main breaks in Highland Park closed school and forced a special event for children to be canceled Wednesday.

Theresa Johnson is the owner and operator of the Tim Horton’s in Highland Park. Each year she hosts “Camp Day” for hundreds of kids that can’t go to summer camp.

“This is the biggest day of the year for Tim Horton’s,” Johnson said.

Most years, children walk from school to the shop for games and snacks, all paid for from customer donations.

“Today was probably my worst day because we plan this all year,” Johnson said.

Three water mains broke causing George Washington Carver Academy to close. Johnson’s store lost access to water, forcing her to close and cancel the “Camp Day.”

“I understand this main blew last night and I told them to get on scene immediately,” Highland Park Mayor Herbert Yopp said.

Other Highland Park officials say the town is seeing too many water main breaks, impacting people like Johnson and the children.

City Council President Rodney Patrick says Detroit’s system is not compatible with Highland Park.

“It’s caused us nothing but problems, too many breaks and it is killing us,” Patrick said.

Customers are still donating to Johnson’s event, but it will be for next year.

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