District takes action after Grosse Pointe students record racist rant

GROSSE POINTE FARMS, Mich. – The principal of Grosse Pointe South High School says three students were among a group of teens who recorded a video that included racist statements about African-Americans.

Principal Moussa Hamka says in an email Wednesday that comments in the video, which circulated on social media, are "deplorable" and violate the school's code of conduct.

The video shows students talking about how they would segregate the country and would have slavery reinstituted. One student refers to injuring and killing African-Americans.

“Several of our students have approached staff members and administrators indicating that this video, which has been circulated via social media, offended them and made them question the values we hold dear at South,” Hamka said in the email.

Local 4 learned the students are underclassman and that alcohol was involved.

“It’s something we’re addressing because it disrupted two days of school and we’re going into our third day where we have continued disruption,” Grosse Pointe Public Schools’ superintendent Gary Niehaus said.

The students in the video have been suspended for up to five days.

“All the students received suspensions or separations consistent with the Student Code of Conduct,” Niehaus said.

Hamka says "the majority of our students and community members do not accept and will not tolerate such bigotry."

In March, the school suspended students photographed with a racial slur on their bodies and another who had a message on her leg in support of marijuana. The photo was repeatedly shared on social media.