Driver carjacked by 2 teens in broad daylight on Detroit's east side

Victim drives minivan for transport company that picks up, drops off people

DETROIT – A driver was carjacked at gunpoint by two teenagers in the middle of the day.

It happened on Detroit's east side near Moross Road and Peerless Avenue.

The victim drives a minivan for a transport company that picks up and drops off people for doctors appointment.

Minutes after dropping off two passengers his phone rang. The people said they left something in the back seat. He pulled back into the drive and was soon stepping out of the van with his hands up, handing over the keys and everything in his pockets.

There were people out near Peerless and Moross when the man driving the red Dodge Caravan found himself in danger.

Stacy Pugh recently opened Custom Care Transportation.

"He was doing transport, dropping clients back off at their home when he received a call to come back because they left something in the car," Pugh said.

Pugh said her cousin was simply working, driving the company's only van when he pulled back onto Peerless and was met by two teens up to no good.

"They actually held a gun to him and demanded the keys, his wallet and cellphone," Pugh said.

The teens took off in the minivan, a van Pugh had purchased less than a month ago for the company.

"We definitely need to get our van back, but for right now we'll make sure people get where they need to go, but we want it back," Pugh said.

Her cousin drives all over the city helping people get to appointments. Local 4 is told the robbery left him re-thinking if he'll continue to drive for the company.

"There's much more to do out here than robbing and putting a gun to people's head," Pugh said.

As police search for robbers, they are also exploring the possibility the driver was set up.

"Unfortunately it doesn't look good for the people who we dropped off because nothing happens by coincidence," Pugh said. "It doesn't look good."

The driver told Local 4 he's thankful he walked away without injuries. He knows that isn't always the case.

Detroit police still looking for teens who are likely still riding around in the 2016 red Dodge minivan. Anyone who knows anything may call 800-242-HEAT. Tipsters could earn a cash reward.