Viewer sends lost wallet to Local 4; owner tracked down, wallet returned

DETROIT – A lot of mail comes into the Local 4 newsroom, but one envelope received was given some extra attention.

The envelope was addressed to “any reporter.”

A Local 4 viewer sent a lost wallet to the station in hopes that a reporter could return it to the owner. Inside the wallet was paperwork and $300.

An anonymous letter was sent along with the wallet. It said the wallet was found on the no. 38 DDOT bus more than two weeks ago. The person had tried to returning it for three days, looking up phone numbers and calling doctor’s offices listed on business cards found in the wallet.

“I just want someone to please get this man’s stuff back to him somehow,” the letter said.

Local 4’s expertise in tracking people down was needed.

The wallet belonged to Greg Jones. He lives in an apartment on Detroit’s west side. Local 4 called and sent reporters multiple times, but there was never an answer. Cards were left at the apartment and neighbors were told about the situation.

A man called the newsroom saying he lost his wallet and he heard Local 4 was looking for him.

“He was a little bit in shock,” assignment editor Alison Darany said. “He said that he’d been in the hospital and had some medical issues.”

Local 4’s Nick Monacelli was able to bring the wallet back to Jones on Sunday morning.

“I can’t believe it,” Jones said.

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