The Carr Port: Bridesmaids asked to pay for $10,000 wedding dress

Jason Carr and the Today team talk wedding etiquette

It's a great honor for someone to ask you to be in their wedding, but in this case it turned into an emotional and financial nightmare for the bridesmaids.

The bridesmaid, who wanted to remain anonymous, wrote about her experience on Mamamia.com.

She said the bride-to-be, named Caroline, became obsessive over every aspect of the wedding, and even asked the bridesmaids to make an excel document of cake-maker suggestions that included prices and contact information.

The bridesmaids dresses were $550 a piece, but the real shocker came when the bride asked the bridesmaids to also help pay for the wedding gown. The cost: $10,500.

The bride's reasoning: She thought it would create a "sentimental treasure" that all the bridesmaids could be a part of (but only if they helped pay for it).