University of Michigan continues to see rise in freshman admissions

Numbers come in as the state gives schools more money


ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The University of Michigan said it has continued its 10 year admission streak with new freshman admissions beating out last years by 7 percent

The University logged in a record 55,500 applicants this year.

According to the University of Michigan website, the average entering GPA  is about 3.85 and each application goes through a three step review process. 

The University has received students from all 50 states and 118 countries. 

These new enrollment numbers come in the same time as Gov. Rick Snyder signs a new $16.1 billion education budget, Thursday, which he called an "unprecedented investment." 

Part of the new budget increase will go towards increasing per-student aid, state spending on K-12 schools, and safety drills.

Public universities will receive a 2.9 rise in aid which may help UM students since the university recently approved a hike in tuition and fees.

The Ann Arbor news reported 42 percent of in-state students and 25 percent out of state students have already been accepted into the university.

Exact enrollment number won't be releases until the middle of the first semester which begins on September 6.