Dangerous abandoned Waterford Township mall remains a nuisance

The structure has been closed since 2014

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The Summit Place Mall, in Oakland County, which has been closed since 2014 has turned into a dangerous, and extremely hazardous eyesore to the public.

A demolition order has already been issued for the abandoned strip mall, but city officials say very little has been done to begin the process.

The Mall, which is located on the edge of Waterford Township, east of Telegraph Road, has been slowly becoming more dangerous as the years go by.

The 1.4 million square foot decrepit building is no longer a home for fashion hot spots, but now is a death trap full of live wires, standing water, mold, and cracked concrete. 

Waterford Township Clerk, Sue Camilleri, says the run down strip mall needs to go as soon as possible.

These people that are driving around sightseeing could crash through the pavement, and be caught in a storm drain” said Camilleri.

“It’s something that needs to get knocked down. It’s an eyesore and a dangerous place.”

Camilleri says the electricity inside the mall is still on because it’s connected to a local water pump.

She says these wires have become exposed over the years, posing a major threat to those curious enough to venture in.

Waterford Township started the legal process to begin demolitions but says they do not have the funds, approximately 4.1 million dollars, to move forward with removing the structure.

The city remains unguarded, open to the public and a major fire hazard as the unmanaged grass surrounding the abandoned strip mall has turned to straw.

The building also has no water to douse a fire if one were to begin and Waterford Township is currently in a fire ban.

The company in charge of the property, SD Capital Investment Holdings has not been responsive to requests to move forward with a proper demolition process with the city. 


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