Video shows man and woman stealing thousands from ATM

The vehicle used was also stolen

DETROIT – More than $5,000 was stolen from an ATM machine at the Selena Liquor store on Detroit’s west side early Wednesday morning.

According to security footage, a Dodge Ram, which was also reportedly stolen, can be seen running into the side of the liquor store where the ATM is located, damaging the building in the process.

Video shows a couple, a man and a woman, exiting the vehicle and stealing thousands of dollars from the machine.

It’s a common thought ATM machines are nearly impossible to break into, but with the failure of the security system on their side, the couple worked for nearly three hours to get the cash out.

Two of the four people wanted for this crime have already been arrested and a large team of alleged robbers are now being looked at for other business break ins in Detroit.

A church is located on the other side of the liquor store which has hope for the neighborhood despite a lapse of bad luck.

“The neighborhood itself, you can’t give up on the neighborhood. There are a lot of good people around here it takes one or two bad apples to make us look bad.” Said Pastor Byron Gordy of the Christ Resurrection Church

The pastor says he and the community are trying to keep things like this from happening.