Family remembers man gunned down protecting brother

Man shot multiple times at close range, family says

DETROIT – Family members are remembering a man they say was gunned down while protecting his brother.

It was first believed someone drove down the street and opened fire on the house, hitting two brothers and their roommates, but family members told Local 4 News bullets went flying inside the house, and the man killed died trying to protect his brother.

Ahmed Christmon said his brother, Darnell, was in his bedroom when the shots went off.

"He never did anything to hurt anybody," Christmon said. "He came out to check on my little brother and as he came out to check on my little brother, whoever the shooter was, they shot at him."

Family members said Darnell was shot multiple times at close range.

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"He got hit in the face. He got hit in the back. He was hit in the chest," Christmon said.

It's still unclear who fired and why, but family members insist the gunman was originally talking with the brother's  roommate. The next thing the younger brother knew, he was running and bullets were flying.

"I guarantee for the person who pulled the trigger if he knew my brother, he wouldn't pulled one shot towards him," Christmon said.

They hope the person who pull the trigger will have a heart.

"I want you to come forward, let it (bring) peace for my family because my brother didn't deserve anything that came towards him," Christmon said.