Pontiac's hidden treasure: Glass blown masterpieces

The unique shop is open twice a year to the public

PONTIAC, Mich. – Local 4's Rod Meloni went to Pontiac to explore a unique little shop which sells delicate, one of a kind glass blown sculptures. 

The small shop called Epiphany's, on Orchard Lake Road in Pontiac, has been in business for over twenty years and the owner says business for the colorful glass shop is better than ever.    

Chief glass artist and owner of Epiphany's, April Wagner, said there is a year-long wait list for those who want to own one of her glass masterpieces, and that's because it takes much more than air and glass to make them.

"The techniques are very difficult to learn, and the tools are expensive, and the color is expensive, and that's why the cost of a fine arts piece is considerably more than some other types of artwork." said Wagner

Wagner first learned how to work with glass in New York City before landing a full scholarship to the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit.

Her glass-blown sculptures have shown up in many places around the country, including the expensive homes, corporate headquarters, and even the Flint Art Museum. 

Her work can range from $25 to $5000 a piece but she says there's much to enjoy about glass as an art form.

"It's very immediate, it's very full of contradictions, it's soft, it's hard, it's fragile, it's strong, it's clear it's full of color it sparkles,there's nothing not to like." said Wagner.

Epiphany's is usually not open to the public, but twice a year during the first week of December and the first week of May, the store is open for all to enjoy. 

To get more information on Epiphany's for purchasing inquires or public viewings you can visit their website here.

About the Authors:

Rod Meloni is an Emmy Award-winning Business Editor on Local 4 News and a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional.