Dog left for dead near dumpster in Allen Park

ALLEN PARK, Mich. – The discovery Tuesday of a dog in a cage by a dumpster in a park in Allen Park has animal control investigating and hoping to find the person responsible.

The Yorkie mix was found in Champaign Park on Pelham Road, suffering from the heat. He is about 2 years old.

Animal control said there was clear neglect. The dog had feces caked in his overgrown fur and had been trapped in the cage through the morning and afternoon sun.

“With the humidity, it might’ve been 85 to 90 and in the direct sunlight,” Downriver Central Animal Control’s Chuck Gillenwater said. “There’s no telling how long it was there.”

Gillenwater said the person who abandoned the dog probably meant to leave the dog in the dumpster, but may have been spooked by a passerby.

In his 28 years with animal control, he’s seen a lot of disturbing things.

“I was upset,” Gillenwater said. “It kind of hurt me.”

Allen Park police are looking for the person who abandoned the dog.

If anyone has information related to who may be responsible, please call 734-246-1328, ext. 9.

If anyone wants to help with the treatment of this dog or others, click here.

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