Man improves community by building benches around Detroit

DETROIT – A young man from Detroit took it upon himself to create new spaces for people to sit at bus stops.

Anthony Banks, who was raised on the west side of Detroit, said he wanted to play a part in beautifying the city by giving people more places to sit when waiting for public transportation.

He noticed the lack of places for people to sit when he experienced car troubles and needed to take the bus.

Banks' took it upon himself to build colorful benches and placed them around Detroit at various bus stops.

“The city raised me, I'm a product of this environment” Banks said. “I want to show people that if you're raised in Detroit, you can do good things.”

The materials cost Banks about $35 per bench, and he said he could use a little help from the community to keep going.

A spokesperson for the city of Detroit told Local 4, “While DDOT director Dan Dirks did not take a position on Mr. Banks' project, he plans to reach out to him to talk with him about it and to thank him for caring about the well-being of their passengers."

Click here to help Banks with supplying benches.

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