Video: Rescuers save woman, dog from sunken car caught in Louisiana floods

A group of heroic men came to the rescue, and then some


Footage of a woman who survived a near-drowning during the Louisiana flooding depicts a display of both heroism and a surprise happy ending. 

The dramatic video posted to social media Sunday shows a woman escaping her sinking vehicle with the help of a group of men who were on a boat nearby. 

In the video, the men break the window of the vehicle as it is sinking. One of the men jump in the water to retrieve the woman from the car after it had been fully submerged. 

When the woman and the man resurface, the woman pleads with the rescuer to go back to retrieve her dog, which is still inside the vehicle.

At first, the rescuer says he can't reach the dog, but moments later, he resurfaces with the pup in hand.

Lousiana station WAFB posted the video, which has since been shared thousands of times.

Flooding in Louisiana has already claimed the lives of two people and Gov. John Bel Edwards said more than 7,000 people have been rescued, adding the flood is a "major disaster."