Maryland to reveal 15 businesses that get to grow, process marijuana


BALTIMORE (AP) — A Maryland panel is expected to make preliminary decisions on Monday about who will get licenses to grow and process medical marijuana in the state.

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission voted Aug. 5 on the first stage of the licensing procedure for 15 growers and 15 processors. It also will be choosing several additional companies, leaving some extras in each category in case any do not meet requirements for final approval.

The panel is choosing from 145 grower license applications and 124 processor applications.

After initial approval, the commission will conduct financial due diligence and background investigations on the companies.

The names of the companies that are selected hasn't been released. Medical marijuana isn't expected to be available under the state's regulations until sometime next year.

Maryland is moving ahead with its legalization process despite a ruling last week from the federal DEA refusing to acknowledge potential medical benefits of marijuana. 


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Public support for the legalization of marijuana has been growing in recent years:

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