Officials warn Detroit residents to prepare for overnight flooding

Heavy rainfall expected overnight into Tuesday

DETROIT – Groups from the Michigan State Police to PETA are warning residents to be on the alert for the potential of overnight flooding.

The MSP are asking drivers to remember that if they see standing water on the roadway, turn around because it’s often deeper than expected.

Police suggest residents take an inventory of valuables and snap interior and exterior pictures of their homes. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover flooding in basements, so residents will need to purchase a separate rider.

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Many people in Detroit and surrounding areas don’t have adequate insurance coverage, but there are some low-cost steps they can take to minimize damage.

Adam Helfman from Hire It Done has been called on time and time again to hook homeowners up with the help necessary to remediate flooding damage.

"If you have storage in your basement, if you have antiquities or family heirlooms, don’t put them on the ground," Helfman said. "You can get free palettes all over the city. Put your stuff on top of it and the chances of the flood coming up to that are slim."

Helfman said the average flood brings between 2 to 3 inches of water. Sump pumps and gutters that move water away from the house also help to prevent and minimize flooding.

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