Child seen purchasing beer at Lions game; vendor employee later terminated

A fan attending a Detroit Lions game Thursday night noticed something odd when he saw a child handing cash over to a beer vendor.

So he snapped a photo.

"The kid handed him the money, he handed the kid the beer. We were shocked." he said.

After witnessing the illegal exchange,the man's girlfriend complained to Ford Field who said they would handle the situation.

The fan who witnessed what happened said the boy walked down to the end of the aisle and handed his father the beer, but they felt like it still wasn't good practice.

"The vendor didn't look at the dad's face. They didn't even make contact," he said.

A spokesperson for the vendor who employed the man seen selling beer released a statement regarding the incident:

Rocket Man takes responsible alcohol service very seriously and is proud to have served guests at Ford Field since 2008, employing hundreds of well-trained, responsible servers. The incident was reported to supervisors immediately on Thursday evening, and the Rocket Man employee in question was terminated and escorted out of the building by security.

The employee should never have handed an alcoholic beverage to a child to give to his adult father who purchased the beer. The employee did not sell the beer to the child for consumption."

The fan, who asked to remain anonymous,  said he has received harsh comments on social media regarding the firing of the employee.

 "I really don't care because like I said, I have three kids and I wouldn't want anyone selling beer to my kids." he said.

Rocket Man said the vendors will be going through additional alcohol service training before the season opening game on Sept. 18.