Officials make new push to expand urban farming

New bill could use vacant land in Detroit to help

DETROIT – Once blight is removed, what does a city do with all the land?

Many people don't realize how big Detroit is. The city has so much land that San Francisco, Boston and Manhattan could all fit inside the city limits, and there would still be 20 square miles to spare.

Officials believe that the growth of Detroit's agricultural economy starts with supporting urban farmers, and a new bill could turn all the vacant land into something that will help.

"With everybody's help, we can produce food, opportunities and jobs and help for everybody," said Tory Wallace of Greening of Detroit.

One of the biggest obstacles facing new and small-scale farmers is access to credit. The urban agricultural bill would generate $46 million per year for a decade, the bulk of which would cover crop insurance.

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Priya Mann took a look at how urban farming is becoming an increasingly popular answer to the problem. You can see her full story in the video posted above.

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