Bill Ford meets with Donald Trump over claims of Michigan Ford jobs disappearing

Ford calls Trump comments on Ford 'infuriating'

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DETROIT – One of Detroit's automotive titans defended his company to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in person.

Local 4's Guy Gordon has the story of the one-on-one meeting between Ford's frustrated executive chairman and the presidential nominee.

Twitter blasts, news releases, fact checkers and direct communications have had no effect on Trump's repeated and inaccurate claims that Ford's Michigan jobs are leaving, with Bill Ford calling the comments "infuriating."

He made his entreaty in person.

"I had a very good meeting with him," Ford said. "He was a very good listener, and he knows the facts."

The great-grandfather of Henry Ford said Ford is taking production of the Focus and C-Max to Mexico, but there is no net job loss because Ford has a contract with the UAS to replace those products at Michigan assembly plants in Wayne with a new Ranger pickup truck and the rumored rebirth of the Ford Bronco.

The company has made $12 billion in investments and hired 26,000 new U.S. employees in the last five years.

"That's what's so frustrating and infuriating about this, because I feel we've invested heavily in this country and he and others should look at us and say, 'This is how you do business,'" Ford said.

Ford's full-throated defense on Twitter began as Trump's words were still echoing. Ford told Trump that the company has hired 26,000 Americans since 2011, making $12 billion in investments in the U.S.

Ford told Trump and the Economic Club of Washington that Ford is everything an American company should be.

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