Off-duty trooper crashes into Clinton Twp. home, drives away with serious injuries

Officer crashed into house, drove away with blood all over body

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – An off-duty Michigan State Police trooper is accused of crashing an SUV into a house in Clinton Township overnight Sunday and driving away covered in blood.

UPDATE: State trooper accused of being super drunk during crash into Clinton Township home

Cars can go both ways at the busy intersection at Moravian in Clinton Township, and the SUV missed the sign and just kept going.

"The whole wall was just caved in," Tom Miller said in describing the damage to his house.

Miller's home seems to attract the unusual. Five years ago, a tornado zipped through, and police once found a fugitive hiding in his bathroom.

But after dozing off Sunday night, he didn't expect to wake up to a crash.

"I'm sleeping on my couch, I hear this crash, boom, bang," Miller said. "I run out to see what happened, and here's a Cadillac SUV sitting in my bushes.

"I'm going to see if the guy is OK, (and) he backs out and took off."

The car was going so fast, the motion-detected security camera next door didn't even kick on until the driver was making his getaway.

The driver was a 43-year-old off-duty state trooper. Clinton Township police caught up with him at Garfield and 16 Mile roads.

"While I was on the phone with 911, they think they caught the guy," Miller said. "(The) cop asked me to describe the car. I did. He goes, 'That's it.'"

Police said the Cadillac SUV had major damage and the driver was badly injured with blood all over his body. Police believe he had been drinking, but no sobriety tests were done and no arrest was made because of his condition.

Miller said his house is tough and can be fixed.

"It's an old house, but it took a hell of a hit," Miller said. "It really did."

Police said they will subpoena the trooper for a blood test in the hospital.

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