Injured dog rescued from basement of burned out building in Detroit

Road crew worker hears whimpering dog

A man who heard a dog's whimper entered into a dangerous and burned out building on Tuesday to rescue the injured animal.

Not many people would have the guts to do what Mark Mangan did, but he was working on a road crew and heard whimpering coming from the dark basement area.

"It was creepy, so creepy," Mangan said. "It was scary. We crawled through a four-by-four hole of a burnt out house."

A video showed what Mangan saw when he looked into the house: A dog curled up, seriously injured.

"That's what scared us," he said. "We didn't expect an animal to be staring back at us."

Mangan got the dog out and called Terry Sumpter, with Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue. The dog, nicknamed Bones, is receiving critical care at Center Line Veterinary Hospital.

"Scary, limp, not exactly comatose," said Dr. Gary Duchan. "Very concerning."

It looks like Bones will survive, thanks to Mangan.

"My daughter wants to adopt the dog, so I am in trouble," Mangan said.

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