Dearborn City Council president receives threatening note tied to brick

DEARBORN, Mich. – Dearborn’s City Council President Susan Dabaja and her staff are expressing concern after receiving a threatening note - a note, Dabaja says that was tied to a brick and thrown at their office door.

Dabaja said the note, which she correlates to bullying and intimidation, is not going to be tolerated.

Dabaja said she originally decided to keep the incident quiet, but when a political blogger was threatened with damage to his property if he wrote something positive about her- she decided enough is enough.

The brick, which was thrown at the glass door at Dabaja’s law firm, did not break the glass, but it did leave a hateful message that read “Stupid (expletives) like you belong at home. You’re not wanted in our city. Drop out or leave.”

Dabaja is in a heated race for district court judge against another local attorney, Gene Hunt. There have been allegations that Dabaja’s supporters that say they have stolen Hunt’s yard signs.

A new Facebook group called “Dearborn Underground” posted a lengthy and highly critical video against Dabaja.

Dearborn police say they are taking the threat seriously and processing the brick and note for physical evidence.