Businessman found stabbed in warehouse with illegal grow operation inside, Detroit police say

Police search for victim's vehicle after incident in southwest Detroit

DETROIT – Obie Moore owned the warehouse where he was fatally stabbed this weekend and his family says it was dilapidated. 

Over the years, Moore grew the Auction Block into one of the most popular auctions houses in the city. His family says he truly believed in Detroit and the people who live here.

Moore had years of experience as the managing partner for the Auction Block, which worked closely with the Detroit Police Department, auctioning thousands of items seized by police. On its website, the Auction Block said Moore oversaw every auction and liquidation.

They say they are devastated by his violent death. 

Moore was a successful entrepreneur, but more importantly he was a family man, happily married with two adult daughters.

Moore believed in second chances. He often hired people with criminal backgrounds. And he gave back to the people of Detroit, donating furniture to families in need, and time and money to local charities.

On Saturday Detroit police say the 55-year-old man was stabbed repeatedly at the warehouse near Fort and Springwells about 8 miles from The Auction Block. Sources say he owned that property as well.

He later died from his injuries.

When Detroit police homicide detectives entered the building they found a sophisticated illegal marijuana grow operation in the back of the warehouse. Police said there were signs people lived there and were trying to expand production. Close to 50 marijuana plants were found growing inside with a street value topping $100,000.

On Sunday afternoon, 42-year-old Jason Boyce turned himself in to Detroit police.
It's not clear if Moore knew the suspect

Police are continuing their investigation. 

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