Botched call forces re-do in high school playoff soccer game

Match between Troy Athens, Macomb Dakota to continue Tuesday

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – A high school playoff soccer game between Troy Athens and Macomb Dakota ended with one team celebrating, but neither team has been declared the winner.

An official's mistake that affected the outcome of the game means the two teams will have to take the field again Tuesday. It was quite an emotional roller coaster during penalty kicks at the end of the game, and a referee took a Dakota goal off the board.

With the score tied, the game went into a shootout. After all five shooters from each team took their tries, the game was still tied, but the referee ruled Dakota players had gone out of order, so one of their goals was disallowed, giving Troy Athens the victory.

But the official made a mistake in the ruling -- there is no rule about the order of the kickers, so the Dakota goal should have counted.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association has overturned the Troy Athens win.

Neither team wanted to comment on the situation, but Troy schools released a statement, saying in part:

"The Troy School District has pursued to the highest level, the concerns from students, parents, and staff regarding the unprecedented decision reached by the MHSAA to 'redo' the outcome of a concluded soccer game.

Regardless of how disappointing the outcome, we believe the parties involved must accept the time-honored tradition and practice that the referee's call is final when the game is declared over."

The celebration is on hold as the teams prepare to meet Tuesday for what will amount to the world's shortest playoff game, which will continue from the shootout.

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