Presidential campaigns step up games in Michigan

Trump campaigns, Cher stumps for Clinton

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Poll numbers in Michigan might be in Hillary Clinton's favor, but the Donald Trump campaign is treating the state like it's up for grabs.

On Monday, Trump rallied his supporters in Warren while Cher rallied Clinton's supporters in Flint.

Clinton seems comfortable enough not to come to Michigan personally, but she sent her big name surrogates. All of a sudden, a state that was written off is getting lots of love this week.

Cher hit three cities while stumping through Michigan for Clinton, doing public events and a big ticket private fundraiser.

Meanwhile, Trump himself rolled into Macomb to a crowd of 4,500 people. Hundreds more were turned away at the door because the venue was at capacity.

Trump brought former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight and others along to stump. Trump made it clear he's going to play hard in Michigan. Expect to see all the Trump children stumping through the state this week, as well as Mike Pence.

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