Skyscraper coming to Hudson's building site in Detroit?

Hudson's building demolished in 1998

DETROIT – On Oct. 28, 1998, the biggest building demolition in Detroit history brought down the Hudson's building along Woodward Avenue in a matter of seconds.

Now, 18 years later, all that sits at the site is an empty slab of concrete just waiting for something new. It looks like something could be on the way soon.

When the Hudson's was demolished in 1998 in the incredible asbestos-filled dust cloud, the city waited to see what would replace it. Dan Gilbert has had the site for years, and spent a couple billion dollars remaking the city.

"He recognized what he referred to as a building, and in typical Dan Gilbert fashion, he said, 'Sure, we can do this' and, 'Let's do it right' and, 'Let's do it big' and, 'Let's be dynamic,'" said real estate developer Jeff Hillman.

In early 2015, Gilbert's Bedrock development showed a picture of a swooping glass structure. But Local 4 was told that's an outdated look. They've gone back to the drawing board and there are reports that the new building could rise 60 stories into the air. That would completely remake the entire city skyline.

"The respect for the history of the site will certainly be conveyed in the size and scope and whatever is there in its future, and it's something the world's going to be pointing to and something the world's going to come and see and use and enjoy," Hillman said.

Gilbert was only able to get the rights to the parking garage in April 2016, and it's likely that change might have delayed the project. But more than anything, they are trying to figure out exactly what will be in the building, and Bedrock said it wants it to be a true showplace.

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