2 men in trouble for killing federally protected bird in Addison Township

ADDISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Two men are in trouble for shooting and killing a Sandhill Crane in Addison Township. The pair are also in hot water for shooting 18 other waterfowl ducks.

The incident happened on Monday, and according to the DNR, the two men were shooting at the animals and also baiting them. The legal limit for shooting the ducks is 6 each day and also comes with other restrictions.

The Sandhill Crane is a federally protected species, and people like Wallace Reeves admire the animals in the area.

"They're beautiful birds. I understand this bird (Sandhill Crane) is getting very scarce so I think we should protect them," Wallace said.

Sgt. Dan Bigger with the DNR said the two men knew the rules when it came to federally protected species.

"A lot of bad decisions made. They did indicate that they knew what they were doing wrong but they didn't really have a reason why they were doing it," he said.

Now the two men have to pay a lot of money for their actions and will also be in court.

"For waterfowl, it's 500 dollars per bird and for a Sandhill crane, it's 100 dollars," Sgt. a Bigger said.

The men had their firearms taken away as a result of their actions.

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