Ferndale business owner finds Trump sign vandalized, city requests removal

FERNDALE, Mich. – A Ferndale business owner said she’s the victim of political pranks after the campaign sign on her business was vandalized.

She was then threatened with action from the city because the sign didn't meet code standards.

Carlotta Cardenas, who sells fertilizer at her seasonal gardening business in Ferndale, found two bags of dog feces hanging from her Trump Pence sign. She also found a Hillary Clinton sign on the lawn strip in front of it.

Cardenas said she doesn’t know who did it adding that she doesn’t have security cameras.

To add insult to injury, Cardenas said the city came by and told her she had to take the sign down.

The city, who takes sign ordinances seriously, say there are rules about putting campaign signs on city property. The city said the sign on Cardenas’ lawn is too large and violates city code.

The code allows signs to be no bigger than six square feet.

Cardenas has up to 10 days to comply with the city, but since Election Day is six days away, she will take it down after the votes are counted.

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