High school shocks students with fake announcement over dead classmates


BRODHEAD, Wis. – Brodhead High School students in Wisconsin say a morning PA announcement saying four of their classmates were dead was inappropriate and may have gone to far.

Some students reacted emotionally to the news, only to learn, via another announcement a few minutes later, that it was all part of simulation drill. The drill was put on by the student council as part of a year-long campaign on safe driving.

The PSA said the students who were said to be dead were skipping school, drinking and texting when the car they were in crashed last Wednesday.

This is the statement from the school district's superintendent Leonard Lueck:

The High school, in conjunction with the student council, held an activity to create awareness about teen driving safety. Due to some communications issues there were students that were adversely affected by the activity. The intent of the activity was to improve awareness of student teen driving safety and we apologize for any undue stress that was caused to any parents or students. We will be evaluating the activity and the purpose that it was intended for going forward and if we can't solve the issues that were caused by the activity we will no longer be doing the activity.